Dr Raman Singh
  Dr. Raman Singh was born on 15th October, 1952, in a rural farmer’s family. He received school education in Chhuikhadan, Kawardha, and Rajnandgaon. He experienced a lack of qualified and good doctors in the rural areas and towns in his region. This is one of the reasons he secured an admission in the Government Ayurveda College in Raipur, and in 1975 successfully completed a B.A.M.S. degree in Ayurvedic Medicine. In those days, there was a lot of demand for doctors in cities, which is why even doctors with a rural background preferred to stay and practice in urban areas. They found it difficult to stay in villages that were bereft of any means of communication. But, the 22-year-old Dr. Raman Singh chose to set up his practice in a town. He accepted only a nominal amount as his fee, and even provided free treatment to the poor, which is why he was very popular as a doctor of the poor.
  People who were privy to those days of Dr. Raman Singh’s life, say that his compassionate smile was a constant even then. His simplicity, frankness, and jovial nature made him very popular in Kawardha, the region where he practiced Ayurvedic medicine. Family traditions and values played a major part in moulding Dr. Raman Singh’s personality. His father, the late Shri. Vighnaharan Singh Thakur was popular and well-known in Kawardha as a successful, bonafide lawyer. His mother, the late Shrimati Sudha Singh was regarded as a model of kindness. Dr. Raman Singh had a deep interest in studying religious texts. His mother had unceasing faith in the Indian culture and values. The values ingrained by his parents during his childhood have been instrumental in the development of Dr. Raman Singh’s personality. A happy coincidence is that his wife, Shrimati Veena Singh, is also a simple, easygoing and humble person. ......Read More